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Being a student isn’t always easy. Between the pull of academics and the pressure to succeed, it is not a surprise so many feel overwhelmed. This leaves many to see themselves as just students. This book aims to challenge that idea by stating you are not just a student. As a student, you are capable of making an impact even today. Not Just A Student was written with the purpose of encouraging and enabling students of all backgrounds to find success in their fields. 
Whether you are a high school student ready to take on college, a college student struggling with classes, a graduate student looking to enter the workforce, or are already working in your career field, Not Just A Student will provide you with practical lessons that will help you succeed in your field. After reading this book, you will realize that you are not just a student and you will be prepared to take your life to a whole new level.

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Not Just A Student by Ramon Misla David is a motivational book aimed toward students in all fields, with the hopes of providing inspiration and instilling a strong sense of purpose to students both just starting undergraduate schooling, and those preparing to move on to professional or graduate schooling. Not Just A Student is a book that every college student who is struggling to find a purpose or has some self-doubt should read. Not only will the reader receive great advice and tips on opportunities available to undergrads and how to succeed but will also learn about the accounts of a student who has just recently been through this process.

Justin Ashby, Wake Forest University

About The Author

As a young scientist, Ramon has recently completed three competitive research programs with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation's leading scientific research agency. From his experiences, Ramon has published abstracts and papers on various research topics and attended numerous research and leadership conferences across the nation. His interest in behavioral neuroscience led him to pursue a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology.

Ramon is also the founder of the ever-growing student success website, Student Scientists, which provides students in STEM fields with the resources and opportunities they need to be successful in their field. His work in this field earned him a place in the HIVE Global Leaders Program hosted at Harvard Medical School during his junior year of college.

While in his senior year, Ramon worked in the U.S. Senate concentrating on Health and Science policy. The experience gave him a unique understanding of the impact of advocacy on the legislative process and on the intersection between research, medicine, and policy.

Through his work in research, advocacy, and Student Scientists, Ramon aims to build the young students of today into the pioneers and innovators of tomorrow.