Karl ocius

"Ramon helped me understand the importance of service. As an international student, i am always looking for this person that is going to point me in the right direction so that i can achieve my goal. He is very humble which make him easier to learn from, to seek help from etc."


Kasey Lange

"When I came to Liberty University, I didn't know a soul. However, I had some lofty goals and was seeking help from upperclassmen to get my project off the ground. Ramon saw something in my idea and jumped on board, and he's been one of the biggest encouragers in my life ever since. He is supportive, kind, and determined. He's willing to help anyone in any way he can. Ramon has a passion for people, as well intelligence and skills in spades. In addition, he carries himself with the utmost integrity and has a heart of gold. Because of Ramon, I know I'm a better person."

Kyungyun Kim

"Thank you for much needed mentorship as it has made a difference in my hopes of becoming a doctor. I am grateful to be at Liberty studying pre-professional medicine. I certainly look forward to mentoring others as I am mentored!"


Nicholas Minner

"Ramon reached out in friendship when he began to mentor me. He has always made time to meet with me and readily answered my texts. I have been so blessed by the wisdom he has given me. Ramon has inspired me and encouraged me in school during the toughest weeks of school. I feel like I have learned the secrets of undergrad, that will prevent me from making common mistakes, yet I am only a sophomore."

Paige Williams

"Ramon was such a great and inspirational pre-med mentor! I love his heart for wanting to help out minorities interested in the STEM field since we are underrepresented. I also found it quite impressive on how many prestigious internships he had the opportunity of participating in, and he encourages me to follow in His footsteps. Ramon is an amazing encourager and supporter and I am so blessed to have known him for the past year!"